Propane technology for fleets.

Our world today presents us with many concerns:

The solution:

There is no perfect answer and the best solution will be multi-faceted. North American society will need to creatively and appropriately deploy all of its various energy sources. One solution is the use of propane as a transportation fuel. Propane offers the lowest overall life-cycle fuel costs to high consumption commercial fleets, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

Solutions from around the world:
There are a wide variety of technologies available from around the world to convert vehicles from gasoline to propane. These technologies are designed to operate on today’s modern electronically controlled engines.

We offer a variety of solutions for each specific application. Before we offer these solutions to fleets, we ensure the systems are fully compliant with regulations and thoroughly tested.

SLEEGERS ensures the technology meets the demands of fleet operators:

Technologies currently available:

The selection of the appropriate system for a fleet’s needs depends on numerous factors including range, refueling location and vehicle operating conditions. A number of the systems are factory installed at the OEM level including Bluebird School buses, GM medium-duty trucks, Navistar, and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation. Other systems can be installed aftermarket, providing more vehicle options.

There are various Federal and State/Province emissions and safety regulations governing the installation of conversion systems on vehicles.